General Information

Which license type is right for me?
Our software is available with several different kinds of licenses. The determining factor is not how many people use a PC, but on how many computers the software is installed. If the software is installed on only one PC, basically only a single-seat license is required. In this case, it does not matter how many people use this single PC. As soon as you install one of our applications on more than one PC, you will need either a multiple-seat license or multiple single-seat licenses. In light of our price structure for multiple-user licenses (for example a 3-user licenses or a 5-user license), it is usually more economical to choose the multiple-user license. Furthermore, certain features like Network Control are available only with the multiple-user license.

Important information about multiple-user licenses:
A multiple-user license can basically be used only at one postal address. You cannot, for example, purchase a 5-user license and install it on various computers in various locations. Moreover, this is strictly prohibited: it is a violation of the German intellectual property law to resell individual license keys or serial numbers of a multiple-user licenses. (A resale of the entire license is, of course, permitted.)

Do you want the email version or an additional CD?
All our products are normally shipped to you via Email. You will receive your personal serial number by email and have to download the program from our website.You can change the program to the full version by using your personal serial number.

You can also order a CD version of our software products that you can download directly to your computer. In this case please mark the “CD on demand” checkbox. You can begin to use the downloaded product right away, and the CD will be shipped to you by mail. Your CD will be produced and mailed within 24 hours after payment has been received. Shipment by mail can take 5 to 10 business days within the EU and the USA and 10 to 25 business days in other countries and regions. You can use this CD as a backup copy of your product, for example: If you were to lose the downloaded product for any reason, you can again unlock the full version of the product at any time using the CD and the license key.