Chico Browser App: Parental Control
for Smartphones and Tablets

Today, children and teens have constant access to the Internet, not only through their PCs, but also through their smartphones and tablets. Though the Internet provides you and your child with a great way to communicate with the entire world, it can also prove to be dangerous. Our Chico Browser App provides you with the ability to control the Internet access of your child. With one click of the mouse, you can block millions of unsuitable websites. There is also the possibility to set time limits on Internet and Android app use. The installation of our Chico Browser is quick and easy. After a one-time installation process, it can be controlled from any PC or mobile device with Internet access.

See, that's Chico Browser

  • App for iOS and Android devices
  • Blocks unsuitable websites
  • Individual blacklist/whitelist
  • Automatically updated blacklist
  • Set individual time limits
  • Set time limits for Android apps
  • Acessible from any Internet PC
  • Get daily, weekly E-mail reports
  • Access from every Internet PC

For Android and iOS

System requirements: Chico Browser runs on all iOS (version 4.0 and higher) tablets and smartphones as well as on all of Google's Android devices (version 2.3 and higher). So Chico Browser currently reaches about 90% of all common mobile devices.

Get your free trial now!

Step 1: Download the app to the child's mobile device
Step 2: Enter a login name and a password
Step 3: Control all settings online via our web interface

Your free trial will run 30 days without any restrictions.