Software Comparison

See below a feature comparison of our software titles Child Control (Chico ), User Control (Usco ) and Win Control (Wico ).

  Chico Usco Wico
Limit PC Times x    
Limit Internet Times x    
Limit Times for single Apps x x  
Internet Content Control - Categories x x  
Internet Content Control - Keywords x x  
Internet Content Control - Only authorized URLs x x  
Disable Download in IE Explorer x x x
Run specified EXE files only x x x
Set fixed Desktop Wallpaper   x x
Disable Downloads in Netscape and Firefox x x  
Allow specified URLs only x x  
No Change Taskbar   x  
Protect Desktop Icons   x x
Desktop Restrictions   x x
Disable running any EXE file   x  
Disable running any Windows Title   x  
Disable/Hide various Control Panel entries   x x
Hide Start Menu entries   x x
Log File of PC runtime x x  
Log File of Internet runtime x x  
Log File via Email x x  
Log File of called URLs x x  
Logfile of started apps (EXE files) x x  
Disable Control Panel x x x
Disable Task Manager x x x
Disable Registry x x x
Disable Command Prompt x x x
Hide Drives x x x
Disable Network Properties   x x
Disable Printer Properties   x x
Disable IE Explorer Properties   x x
Set fixed Wallpaper picture   x x
Apply changes to Windows Groups   x x
Apply changes to Windows Users x x x
Usage of Windows built-in users x x x
Uninstall included x x x
Uninstall is password protected x x x
Access to settings is password protected x x x
Online Update directly from program available x x x
Longterm development planned x x  

How do I decide between Win Control, User Control and Child Control?

Win Control can secure just about any internal Windows function in order to prevent changes to a PC's configuration. Win Control makes it possible to prevent changes to the desktop wallpaper, something that users often replace for frivolous reasons with another image that might be more attractive or perhaps less appropriate. With Win Control, you can also explicitly control which applications can be run and which cannot. In sum: Win Control is the ideal tool for preventing changes to your computer. What Win Control does not do is monitor use of the Internet, such as prohibited keywords, sexually-oriented websites, or specified prohibited URL's.

If you have a need to monitor Internet usage, User Control is the perfect complement. User Control's purpose is to block very specific applications and subjects as determined by the user (for example, games and applications that the user has downloaded). User Control offers only about 30% of the system controls available with Win Control. If you have a need to limit the use of Internet Explorer, User Control can recognize certain prohibited keywords or even prevent access to specified pages, or allow access only to authorized pages. User Control is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape Navigator Versions 7.1 and up.

Child Control is the ideal software when it comes to setting time limits of any kind. PC use time and Internet time can both be restricted. Various limits, such as a daily, weekly, and monthly time allotments, can be in effect at the same time. It is also possible to define specific times when either PC use or Internet activity is not allowed. Child Control can regulate Internet activity through either keywords or a whitelist. You can also specify which pages are prohibited or authorized. The product also offers a detailed log of PC activity(what was done when, and by whom), and a few system restrictions, such as the ability to limit access to specified directories

Our products use very few system resources and can easily be run on older PC's. Software programs listed here can be run on all current Windows platforms like Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. Child Control and User Control supports 64bit OS now, too. Resource usage is relatively light: a Pentium III, Celeron running at 500 MHz or above; a mouse; VGA (800x600 or higher); 1 GB RAM; and 50 MB free disk space per application are sufficient.

Program Win8/8.1 Vista/Win7 XP,2000
Child Control YES YES YES
Win Control - YES YES
User Control YES YES YES

* User Control and Child Control run on all common Windows platforms (x64 as well)
* Win Control will not be continued. Please use User Control instead.
* Exe Password will not be continued.

All software products can run simultaneously without significant resource usage.
See above Windows operating system compatibility.